3 Michelin Stars ⭐ UNBELIEVABLE FOOD – A5 Wagyu at DiverXO Restaurant!

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MADRID, SPAIN – Welcome to Madrid and tonight we’re going to one of the most unique and bizarre fine dining restaurants in the world – DiverXO, by Chef Dabiz Muñoz. You’re about to see all the dishes and the entire experience!

DiverXO is the culinary Disneyland Dream World of chef Dabiz Munoz in Madrid. From the moment you walk in you know something is different and there’s a huge sense of humor. DiverXO has 3 Michelin Stars and recently it was the #4 best restaurant in the world on World’s 50 Best.

For dinner I’m with my friend Jeffrey Merrihue: https://www.instagram.com/xtremefoodies_/. We started off immediately with incredible food that was hard to imagine and pinpoint, funny, and extremely tasty. Our meal progressed with more and more unique dishes and flavors that sounded strange but tasted delicious.

A few of my favorite dishes were the back of the fridge salad, steam explosion dumpling, and a Galician lobster washed up on a beach in Goa.

Chef Dabiz Munoz is truly talented and creates food unlike anywhere else in the world.

Price – Our total bill for 3 people came to €1,315. The tasting menu is €365 per person.



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