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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Welcome to Sydney, Australia! Today we’re going on a cheap eats tour of Sydney to eat 5 of the most iconic and affordable meals that you have to try. From charcoal chicken to Halal snack pack, it’s going to be a delicious day of food in Australia!

1. Marrickville Pork Roll – Price – $8 AUD (5.37 USD) per roll – Sydney has a large Vietnamese population and banh mi are extremely popular and affordable.

2. Metro One Kebab Ashfield – Price – $20 AUD (13.42 USD) for Large – One of the most famous Sydney foods is a Halal snack pack, HSP for short – and it’s one of the greatest Australian cheap eats.

3. El Jannah Granville – Price – $15.90 AUD (10.67 USD) for ½ chicken plate – El Jannah Granville serves Lebanese charcoal roasted chicken.

4. Chinese Noodle Restaurant – Price – $15.80 AUD (10.58 USD) – This noodle restaurant is known for their northern Chinese fried noodles and dumplings.

5. Indian Home Diner – Price – $15 AUD (10.06 USD) for Double Chicken Tikka Kebab, which was tasty and convenient.

Of course this only scratches the surface of the diversity and the quantity of what you can eat in Sydney – there’s so much delicious food to discover!

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