BIGGEST Crab I’ve Ever Seen!! 🦀 TASMANIAN KING CRAB – Cooked 3 Ways!!

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – We’re going to the fish market to get a Huge Tasmanian King Crab and Chef Dan Hong is going to cook it 3 ways!

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Chef Dan Hong:

Sydney Fish Market ( – After meeting up with Chef Dan, we met up with Alex from the Sydney Fish market who showed us around and gave us a very interesting brief about the Sydney Fish market and the quality of seafood that auctioned.

Red Claw Seafoods ( – At the fish market we visited Red Claw Seafood who specialize in some of the best live seafood in all of Australia and where Chef Dan gets his supply. We were after their insanely huge Tasmanian king crab!

Mr. Wong ( – After getting our crab, we headed back to Chef Dan’s restaurant, Mr. Wong, for some dim sum, roast duck, and mostly importantly, the fresh giant Tasmanian King Crab! It was without a double one of the best crabs, both in natural product and preparation that I’ve ever had. It was so big, Chef Dan had to cook three different dishes with it.

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