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SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN – Welcome to San Sebastian, one of the greatest food cities in the world! Today we’re going on an ultimate pincho / pinxto tour, we’ll be eating seafood, jamon, light bites, and a Spanish tortilla. Stay tuned for some of the best Basque food on earth!

Friends in the video:
Gabriella Ranelli:
Jeffrey Merrihue:

Again, San Sebastian is a capital of delicious food and they take it seriously. As soon as you start eating, you’ll notice the quality, care, and pride that people take in their Basque food. It’s ingredient driven, and you’ll get some of the world’s best quality.

Antonio Bar ( – First stop today is Antonio Bar, champion of the Spanish tortilla – a mix of potatoes, onions, and eggs, caramelized until maximum flavor potential is reached. I tried many tortillas in Spain, this was the king.

Gorriti Taberna ( – Next we headed to Gorriti Taberna near the market for some small breakfast bites, all of which were delicious.

El Tamboril ( – After walking around the market we then headed to eat some pinchos for lunch – we tried their potato salad, fried chili peppers, and their deep fried meat filled red chili.

La Cuchara de San Telmo ( – Next we had some meats, especially their delicious roast suckling pig.

Bodega Donostiarra Gros ( – Gabriella took us for one last lunch stop for a simple tuna sandwich with vinegar.

Ganbara ( – In San Sebastian, Ganbara is regarded as one of the best restaurants serving pintxos, and we were lucky to get a chance to eat their. They take food to the next level, everything dedicated to simplicity and best quality. I loved their velvet prawns and their mushroom dishes.

Borda Berri ( – Next meal we headed to Borda Berri, another famous food bar.

La Viña ( – Finally to end this ultimate San Sebastian Spanish food tour we went to La Viña for a slice of the original legendary Basque cheesecake!

What a day in San Sebastian, and truly an ultimate food lovers destination.




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