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YALA (ยะลา), THAILAND – Located in the very far south, the Deep South of Thailand, Yala is a beautiful province known for its Malay culture and food, forest, and fruit paradise. In this Malay street food tour in Yala we ate one of the best traditional curry meals I’ve ever had in my life, and then continued on to the city to eat famous beef soup. Finally, we drove outside the city for some curian and cempedak. Get ready for some insanely delicious curry and fresh fruit in Yala, Thailand!

Khrua Wahid (ครัววาฮิด – Welcome to one of the best traditional curry restaurants I’ve eaten at in a long time. They serve traditional Malay and Thai curries and dishes from Yala. I was fascinated by the variety, and the ingredients present in each of the dishes. Literally every dish was outstanding, and many of them were new for me – even having traveled quite a lot in both Thailand and Malaysia. One of the many highlights was the quail and chili leaf curry. But really, you cannot make a bad choice at Khrua Wahid (ครัววาฮิด), it’s a must eat if you love curry when you’re in Yala, Thailand.

Quail – We stopped on the side of the road for a quick delicious roasted quail, so tasty.

Organ Soup (ซุปเครื่องใน (มัสยิดกาโบ) – In the iconic market of Yala in the the center of the city, you’ll find this legendary generations old beef soup restaurant. The soup is simple and refreshing, mainly focusing on beef organs and stomach. Additionally, you have to eat the soup with an omelet. The combination is fantastic.

Bang Lang Bridge and Lake – Finally to finish this street food tour of Yala, we drove about an hour to the iconic Bang Lang Lake and bridge. On the way, we stopped for some Yala fruit, including durian and cempedak. Unfortunately all the small “durian baan” were finished for the season, but the mon thong variety was still pretty good. And the view over the lake was spectacular.

I had an amazing time exploring Yala, but too short, so much more to eat and still do in Yala. I hope to visit again.

Thank you to my friends Mohammad and Rus from Papa Tagu for taking us:

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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