Korean Food in Los Angeles – 2 GIANT FLAMING CHEESE Ribs Cauldrons in Koreatown LA!

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Los Angeles, California – Korean food!

Big thank you to Jeffrey Merrihue for come along with me on this LA Korean food tour of cheesy chili cauldrons, and for sharing his awesome bang bang double story. Also check out his food lists at: https://www.xtremefoodies.com/

LA is known for its Korean food, and if there’s one legendary LA Korean food dish you need to eat, it’s the giant galbi jjim, a cauldron of bubbling Korean chili and shortribs meat, all swimming in rice sticks, and melted cheese. It’s an amazing dish. I met up with my friend Jeffrey to not only eat at the most famous restaurant for this dish, but to eat at the other place next door as well.

Sun Nong Dan (https://goo.gl/maps/i6xeX2rNqv32) – This is the original restaurant in LA serving galbi jjim, and one of the best things about them is that they are open 24 hours. We arrived at 8 am to start this Koreatown food tour. We ordered the large size and the extreme spicy version. It comes to your table in all glory, full to the brim with bright red chili stew and slices of short rib meat and a massive handful of shredded cheese. When they bring it to your table, they bust out the blowtorch and melt all the cheese in front of you.
Price – $64.99

But as the story goes, Jeffrey was confused the first 4 times he ate galbi jjim and accidentally went to the restaurant next door to eat this dish, a restaurant that serves a similar dish, but is always much less busy. So naturally after finishing at Sun Nong Dan, we had to go and eat next door to try their version of meaty chili pot.

Yangji Gamjatang (https://goo.gl/maps/M6FhiztThJG2) – We stepped inside and ordered almost the same thing. At Yangji Gamjatang they served it over a hot burner so it boiled throughout our entire meal. I noticed immediately that they chili sauce was a little less sweet and had a nice sesame aroma to it. The meat was also much different, even a different cut from Sun Nong Dang, it was more brisket-y, with strands of meat falling off the bone. Again we ordered the large size with cheese.
Price – $45.95

So which one was better? You’ve got to watch the video to find out!

In any case, it was just an incredibly Koreatown galbi jjim food tour in LA, that was as fun as it was delicious!

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