Ultimate MIAMI FOOD TOUR!! 🥪 Insane Crunchy Burger + Cuban Sandwich in Florida, USA (Part 1)

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NOTE: Hope you are having a great day! This video was filmed back in January 2020, that’s why we are not wearing face masks and sharing food. But please now take extras safety measures by wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently. Be careful, and stay safe. Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected in Miami right now.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Welcome to Miami! In this ultimate Miami food tour we’ll eat at some of the legendary restaurants in Miami including the Cuban sandwich, Cuban burger, and colossal sized Florida stone crab claws! #Miami #Florida #MiamiFood

I met up with my friend David Hoffman, I’ve known him for years, but this is the first time to meet him in his hometown of Miami. He actually picked us up from the airport and we immediately got started eating.

Here are the places we ate in this Miami food tour:

Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine – Nowhere is more legendary for food in Miami than Versailles Restaurant, specializing in Cuban food, and known for their Cuban coffee and Cuban sandwich. We first started at the coffee bar, for some Cuban coffee and pastries – loved the ham croquetas and the guava and cheese empanada. Then we had the honor to watch a classic 1 meter Cuban sandwich being made and then eating it. It was everything it needed to be, a sandwich of history.

El Rey De Las Fritas – Next we headed to El Rey De Las Fritas for the Cuban burger, an impressively French fry filled burger loaded with seasonings and sauces. David, Joel, and I, all shared the Frita Suprema, Frita Original, and the Frita a Caballo. Oh man it was good, dripping with greasy flavor. El Rey De Las Fritas is truly a must eat gem of Miami.

And that completes Part 1 of this Ultimate Miami Food Tour. Stay tuned and keep watching Part 2.



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