Eating GIANT RIVER FISH!! 🌶️ Spicy Thai Food with Mekong River Chef! 👨‍🍳

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BUENG KAN, THAILAND (บึงกาฬ) – Bueng Kan is a quiet and very relaxing province in the Northeastern region of Thailand known as Isan. It’s located along one of the widest parts of the Mekong River, and so you can guarantee you’re in for some freshwater Mekong River fish! Today, we’re going to eat at one of the best Mekong River fish Thai / Lao food restaurants, and you’re going to love the Chef!

Located along the Mekong River bank in Bueng Kan city, Khrua Paw Kaew (ครัวปอแก้ว) is probably the best restaurant in town. And Chef Paw is known for serving fresh Mekong River fish. Everyday he gets the fresh catch, fish that are native to the Mekong River, and some fish that are typically only found in this region of the Mekong. Because Bueng Kan is right across the river from Laos, both Isan and Laos share a culture, and food. So at his restaurant he serves a combination of Thai, Chinese, and Lao food.

I immediately loved Chef Paw as soon as I met him, friendly, laid back, all about river fish, all while having some serious cooking skills in the kitchen. Also, you will love his full Chef outfit – he is the Mekong River Chef!

I just let Chef choose the dishes for us and he got to work preparing a number of dishes with the fish he had on hand for the day. The meal was outstanding, so much powerful flavor, so many herbs and spices, fresh river fish and serious cooking skills. It was so much fun to hang out with Chef Paw in the kitchen and watch him in the zone, flying on the dishes.

Highly recommended, a must eat Thai Lao food restaurant when you’re in Bueng Kan, Thailand!

Total price – 1,000 THB ($33.22) for everything

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