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SUVA, FIJI – Today we’re learning about Indians in Fiji, many of whom have been here for generations. Most arrived as indentured servants working on sugar plantations, but they brought with them their culture, customs and of course their food. Today we’re going on an Indian Fijian food tour – we’ll see how it’s similar to Indian food in Indian, and yet has its own distinct taste to Fiji!

A huge thank you to my friend Andhy Blake, he’s a TV host and Fijian producer who loves to eat and who arranged our entire trip to Fiji. Check him out

1. Zamzam Restaurant, Suva, Fiji (
To begin this Indian food tour in Fiji we’re starting at one of the most popular restaurants in Suva, Zamzam. They serve over 40 different dishes a day, with a mix of Indian Fijian, even Chinese, and halal dishes. The food is outstanding and their rotis are insanely soft. Eating at Zamzam is a must when you’re in Suva, and will satisfy all of your curry needs.

2. Babasiga Halal Bites, Nausori, Fiji
We’re continuing this tour in Nausori, where Andhy is from and to Babasiga Halal Bites, that’s legendary across Fiji for their lamb bone curry. It’s famous for a reason, it’s so tasty with just the right amount of masala.

3. Home Cooked duck masala
To finish off this Indian Fijian food tour we headed over to a friend of Andhy whose mother makes the greatest duck masala is all of Fiji! She used 2 fresh ducks, washed in turmeric, and stewed in no less than three of her own hand roasted masalas. The result was truly magical.

It was another delicious day in Fiji, learning a lot about the history of Indians and their amazing food in Fiji.

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