Unseen INDIAN FOOD in Thailand!! Super CHEF GAGGAN Emoji 🌶️😇Food in Bangkok!

😃Chef Gaggan Anand: https://www.instagram.com/gaggan_anand/
🎥Thai Food – 1.5 Years Waiting List: https://youtu.be/mYAICakUek4

Chef Gaggan Ananad opened a new restaurant in Bangkok, called Gaggan Anand (https://gaggananand.com/) – and we had an exclusive opportunity to eat there a few weeks ago, recently as it had opened.

You’ll immediately notice the amazing setting, which is in a compound in Bangkok, camouflage with lush vines and greenery. There’s a bar at the front, again surrounded by beautiful vines – I loved the natural approach to the design and decor. Amazingly, Chef Gaggan and his team, set up the restaurant in a matter of a couple months.

Emoji Menu – Classic with Chef Gaggan, we were presented with an emoji menu, this time on puzzle pieces, so as we ate the 25 different dishes courses, we made the puzzle to make it an even more interactive fine dining in Bangkok experience.

Progressive Indian food – although the food at Gaggan Anand can be classified as progressive or modern Indian food – it really is in its own unique creative genre of food on its own. It’s unlike any other food in the world. Dishes are Indian in flavor and spice, yet ingredients are a mix, and it’s truly an artistic expression of Chef Gaggan and his amazing team of talented chefs.

For me, Gaggan Anand is a meal that’s as much about the entire overall experience, as it was about the delicious bites of food. Some bites you have no idea what happened in your mouth, some bites you laughed and had fun, other bites were perplexing and unique. It was a unique Indian food meal of surprises and a lot of fun.

Thank you to Chef Gaggan Anand (https://www.instagram.com/gaggan_anand/) for hosting me for this incredible meal.

Full Disclosure: Chef Gaggan is a good friend of mine and invited me for dinner. I didn’t pay for my meal, but I’m the one who chose to make this video.

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