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Jay Nok Kraton Song Krueng (เจ๊นก กระท้อนทรงเครื่อง) – Jay Nok serves some of the best mixed santol fruit in Thailand, and additionally, her green mango with sweet and fish sauce and shrimp is outstanding. #Thailand #ThaiFood #fruit

As soon as you arrive, you can tell she is truly a queen of fruit. The santol and mangoes that she uses are of the top quality, hard to find, the size, juiciness, and quality that she uses. She’s a master. In order to make mixed santol, she spends 8 hours slowing mixed the syrup so it turns to the right consistency. The santol is peeled and soaked in salt water for 4 hours. When you order, the santol is sliced, topped with the sweet syrup, then peanuts, shredded coconut, and shrimp, and then topped with more syrup. It’s quite an extreme mixture of different and diverse flavors in your mouth at the same time, with the juiciness of the santol fruit.
Mixed santol fruit (กระท้อนทรงเครื่อง) – 100 THB ($3.27)

Possibly even more impressive with diversity of flavors is the green mango with sweet fish sauce, shrimp and chilies. The crunch of the mango and the contast of the shrimp paste, sweetness, shallots, and chilies, was spectacular.
Green mango, sweet sauce (มะม่วงน้ำปลาหวาน) – 100 THB ($3.27)

As we were leaving, the amazing Jay Nok gave us a few of her prized santol fruit to take home. So I thought, let’s go home and make santol fruit curry. My mother in law makes it from time to time during the season, and it’s so good because the fruity juiciness of the fruit with the spicy coconut milk based curry.

We ended up having santol fruit 3 ways, raw natural, mixed with sweet syrup, and in curry. It was a day of learning about santol fruit and Thai food!

Santol fruit (Also known as sandoricum koetjape or cotton fruit)
NOTE: Do not eat the actual seeds, the seeds are known to be poisonous.

Jay Nok Kraton Song Krueng (เจ๊นก กระท้อนทรงเครื่อง), Location is in Pathum Thani:

เปิด 8.00-15.00 น

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