Huge Coconut Crab!! 🦀 (UNLIKE Any Other Crab on Earth!!) South Pacific Islands

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LAU ISLANDS, FIJI – We’re in the remote Lau Islands group in Fiji, only accessible by boat, and today we’re going to Vuaqava Island, where they are known for their coconut crabs!

First of all, thank you to my friend Andhy Blake for arranging my trip to Fiji: and to Captain Cook Cruises ( for taking us on this once in a lifetime Fiji cruise.

We docked near the uninhabited Vuaqava Island, Lau Islands, Fiji, which is known for its natural beauty, incredible seas, and also for being an island full of coconut crabs! Coconut crabs are definitely unique, and they are a huge delicacy in Fiji and for the local population on the Lau Islands. They all mentioned that they coconut crabs are so tasty and so delicious that they don’t need any extra seasoning or cooking – all you have to do is boil them for about 10 – 15 minutes and eat. The crabs eat mostly a diet of coconut, so they have a sweet coconut taste to them, and the fat in the stomach (similar to the tomalley on other crabs), is like a natural coconut crab pudding with a complexity of flavor. It was an amazing experience to be with local Fijians on a remote island eating coconut crab.

Next up on this Fijian crab tour we visited another island – Totoya Island, Lau Islands, Fiji where we had the honor to cook and eat another Fijian food delicacy of land crabs, cooked in coconut milk. The crabs were boiled then fully deshelled, then mixed with onions and chiles, and lots of coconut milk, and re-filled back into their shells. They were boiled again until the coconut milk thickened into a creamy crab sauce. You eat them with a fresh squeeze of local lime and chili, and it’s something truly magically delicious.

What a day of Fijian food and the freshest crabs from the source!

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