Here Are The Less Than 0.002% Of Breweries In America That Are Certified B Corporations

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Of the approximately 10,000 breweries in America, only 18 are certified B Corporations.

The B Corporation certification system is run by B Lab, a global nonprofit which seeks to “transform the economic system into a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative global economy.” Certification involves businesses undergoing a B Lab assessment of the businesses’ positive impact on workers, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment. Only those meeting B Lab’s standards are awarded certification.

“We have always imbedded our personal values into our brewery,” says Karen Lawson, co-owner of Lawson’s Finest Liquids. “We had multiple people tell us we were already doing the right things. But the certification helps us stand out in the marketplace. It helps us attract and retain employees and a lot of people choose to spend their dollars at certified B Corporations.”

Here are all of America’s certified B Corporation breweries, the year they achieved certification and their home state:

The Alchemist (2017, Vermont) – Renowned for their flagship Heady Topper, a double IPA, The Alchemist opened in 2003 as a brewpub and opened a production brewery in 2011. The Alchemist welcomes visitors to their cafe and beer garden in Stowe.

Allagash Brewing (2019, Maine) – While America is famous for making hoppy beers, Allagash pushes yeast-driven flavors from their brewery in Portland. Their flagship Allagash White is has won multiple gold medals and is regarded by many to be the best Belgian-style white beer in the world.

Aslan Brewing (2016, Washington) – With two locations in Bellingham and one in Seattle, Aslan serves up 100% USDA Certified Organic beer.

Athletic Brewing (2022, Connecticut) – Athletic “is reimagining non-alcoholic beer for the modern adult.” Athletic makes flavorful non-alcoholic beer in a broad array of craft beer styles from Berliner Weisse to IPA.

Creature Comforts (2021, Georgia) – Based in Athens, but opening a new location in downtown Los Angeles, Creature Comforts brews beers rooted in human connection.

The Grain Shed (2022, Washington) – The Grain Shed is a brewery and bakery in Spokane on a mission to connect their customers to their cooperatively-sourced grains, all locally-grown and malted.

Hopworks Urban Brewery (2015, Oregon) – Portland’s Hopworks has been employing sustainable business practices since its founding in 2008. Despite their name, they make beers of all styles, from sour ales to dark porters and, of course, hoppy IPAs.

Lakefront Brewery (2020, Wisconsin) – Lakefront was the first brewery in the United States to brew a beer from 100% in-state-grown ingredients, including an indigenous yeast strain. But they produce dozens of beers in many styles, including gluten-free and non-alcoholic options.

Lawson’s Finest Liquids (2023, Vermont) – Lawson’s Finest’s flagship beer is the appropriately named Sip of Sunshine which delivers “a tropical vacation in a glass.” Their brewery in Waitsfield offers a spectrum of beer flavors.

Liability Brewing (2022, South Carolina) – Two neighbors founded this Greenville brewery to celebrate their passions: beer, movies, comics and supporting their community.

Lost Grove (2021, Idaho) – With two locations in Boise, Lost Grove is a carbon-neutral brewery serving up six year-round beers and multiple seasonal offerings. Lost Grove is a great place to find your groove.

New Belgium Brewing (2013, Colorado) – Although acquired by Lion, an Australian subsidiary of Japan’s Kirin, in 2019, Fort Collins’ New Belgium has maintained its B Corporation certification. New Belgium also has brewery locations in Denver and in Ashville, North Carolina.

North Coast Brewing (2015, California) – Fort Bragg’s North Coast has been a pioneer in American craft beer since its founding in 1988. Located by the Pacific Ocean and near sequoia forests, the brewery taproom is a must-visit for tourists to California.

Redemption Rock Brewing (2020, Massachusetts) – Redemption Rock makes Worcester better. Redemption Rock supports local charities and slakes the thirst of local residents by making a broad range of beers distributed throughout Massachusetts.

Roadhouse Brewing (2018, Wyoming) – Jackson Hole is famous for natural beauty, skiing and the beers at Roadhouse. IPAs feature prominently on the beer list, but there is also everything from pilsner to sour ale.

Triple Bottom Brewing (2021, Pennsylvania) – The name of the brewery says it all. Referencing the triple bottom line idea that businesses should be focused on the three Ps of people, the planet and profits, Triple Bottom Brewing makes Philadelphia prosper with pints.

Upslope Brewing (2018, Colorado) – Upslope has two taprooms in Boulder serving lagers and ales that have won multiple medals from some of the largest beer competitions in the world.

Brewery Vivant (2014, Michigan) – Vivant is located in a former funeral home chapel in Grand Rapids, but their amazing beers make taste buds come alive. Vivant focusses on farmhouse ales.

“A lot of business owners come to me and say, ‘Hey, I want to be a B Corp. How do I do it?’” says Jen Kimmich, co-founder and general manager of The Alchemist. “Well, for me, the answer is to lead authentically and to truly care about what you are doing. Focus on the work before the certification. That is what really matters.”

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