Dat Cajun Guy: New Orleans Food Truck in Haleiwa, Hawaii

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Haleiwa is just a small historic and touristy town on the North Shore of Oahu, in Hawaii. Yet even though it’s pretty small, there are some great places to eat. One of the places I wanted to try on this trip was a food truck called Dat Cajun Guy, which as you can probably guess, serves both Cajun and Creole food, a menu of New Orleans styles cuisine. New Orleans styles food is a cuisine that I have very little experience eating so far in my life, so I was pretty excited to try it.

We arrived for lunch, and the food truck was already quite busy as they usually order. Since it’s a good truck, you go up to the side of the truck, where the menu is posted, and you make your order. You can then either choose to take your food away, or stay there are eat – there are about a dozen benches to sit at – I think it’s a good idea to eat there because the food is too good to take far.

I had already looked at some pictures of the food at Dat Cajun Guy, so I knew what I was going to order when we arrived. The first thing I order was a side of fried pickles, something I had never had before. The pickles, which I believe were dill pickles, were sliced into potato chip slices, battered, then deep fried. They were served with a thick creamy sauce. The pickles were nice and crispy on the outside, and then they were salty and sour on the inside, and dipped into the creamy sauce, they were even better. I loved them. Next I ordered a full order of New Orleans BBQ shrimp. They asked me if I wanted naked or non-naked shrimp, the naked being without batter, and non-naked battered and deep fried. I decided to get half and half. The shrimp were not bbq like on the grill, but instead they were almost stewed in a thick and rich New Orleans bbq sauce that was tangy, slightly sweet, and was packed with flavor. The shrimp came with a scoop of brown rice, and bread on the side. But the dish at Dat Cajun Guy that I think was probably my favorite was the po-boy (po’ boy) sandwich, and I ordered the fish and shrimp combo. The shrimp and fish were battered and deep fried, then stuffed into a crusty baguette with a number of sauce. It was amazing, the perfect ratio of ingredients, and after adding a little New Orleans Louisiana hot sauce, it was even better.

The food at Dat Cajun Guy was amazing, I loved everything we ordered. For amazing New Orleans Cajun and Creole food in Hawaii, you’ve got to make the trip to Haleiwa and eat at Dat Cajun Guy.

Here are the details about Dat Cajun Guy if you have a chance to eat here:

Address: 66-472 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, HI 96712, United States
Open hours: 10:30 am – 4 pm, closed on Sunday and Wednesday, but it’s a good idea to check their social media profiles before going because they occasionally have special events, so might not always be open on their official open hours.
Dat Cajun Guy: https://twitter.com/datcajunguy
Prices: Meals are in the $10 – $15 range, which is quite expensive, but it’s pretty normal for Hawaii food
How to get there: Dat Cajun Guy is right along Kamehameha Highway, within the old part of historic Haleiwa town. There’s a food truck lot where you’ll find about 5 – 10 different food trucks, and Dat Cajun Guy is the food truck right at the front at the entrance.

Check out the full post about this food truck over on Migrationology.com: http://migrationology.com/2015/05/dat-cajun-guy-haleiwa/


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