Eating 3 Celebrity Burgers in Las Vegas!! 🍔 Amazing OR Overpriced!?

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LAS VEGAS – Welcome to Las Vegas, USA, one of the entertainment capitals of the United States. We’ve already eaten at the biggest buffet in Las Vegas which includes over 250 different dishes, and today we’re going on a celebrity burger tour!

1. Gordon Ramsay Burger ( – First place is Gordon Ramsay Burger known for its quality of ingredients, and the only place on the strip in Las Vegas that cooks burgers over wood fire. The beef was outstanding quality, but I would say that you absolutely need to order medium rare. One of the burgers I ordered was medium, but the medium rare was the best.
Hell’s Kitchen Burger – $19.99
24 Hour Burger – $26.99
Just Fries – $9.99

2. Wahlburgers ( – Next up on the burger tour in Las Vegas we’re going to Wahlburgers, started by Mark Whalberg and his brothers. I was pretty impressed with the burger, the meat was tasty, the toppings were generous, and it was everything you want in a classic picture perfect cheeseburger.
The Double Decker – $13.95
The Impossible Burger – $18.95
Tater Tots – $5.25

3. Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen ( – Finally to complete this insane burger tour in Las Vegas, we went to Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen to eat the giant Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger which has won numerous awards in Las Vegas. There’s no doubt it’s huge, and a lot of fun to eat!
Trash Can Nachos – $24.99
Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger – $25.99

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