10 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Savor The Late Summer Heat

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The summer sun is shining at its brightest, and even though we’re past Labor Day and it’s the late summer season, the heat’s still hanging around. That’s where the unsung heroes of a hot day come in – the super cool, non-alcoholic drinks.

These effervescent, fruity, or spicy sips will rehydrate, rejuvenate, and refresh with out the post alcoholic hazy. Whether you’re enjoying your last days by the pool or hosting a backyard barbecue, these refreshing drinks will help you stay chill.

Rescue Club IPA

Wrap up summer with Rescue Club IPA for the long weekend. This IPA is ideal for an alcohol-free backyard BBQ or satisfying beer cravings. It draws you in with its floral and citrus-forward aromas, balanced by a gentle tropical flavor and a hint of bitterness. Its well-measured carbonation enhances its drinkability.

Sumac & Chili Le Spritz by Ghia

In Ghia’s canned, carbonated line, Sumac & Chili Le Spritz is a bubbly treat from the Italian spirit-free aperitif brand. With a fizzy blend of sweet, heat, and tang, this non-alcoholic spritz is fantastic on its own or over ice for a spirit free spritz option.

Partake Brewing Pale Ale

Infused with fresh orange zest, grapefruit, and a hint of pine, this pale ale by Partake Brewing renders a harmonious blend of tropical aromatics and caramel malt sweetness. A refreshing, non-alcoholic craft beer artistry to be cherished.

Bawi Sparkling Agua Frescas

Bawi’s Sparkling Agua Frescas are a bubbly twist on a classic Mexican drink perfect for beating the heat. Hydrating, fizzy, and bursting with authentic flavors (Lemon, Passionfruit, and Pineapple), these drinks provide a satisfyingly cool beverage option for late summer hangs.

Ceria Grainwave

Grainwave, created by Keith Villa – founder and former brewmaster of Blue Moon, emanates from Colorado. This non-alcoholic Belgian wheat beer is defined by its light yellow hue and refreshing hints of coriander and orange peel. This 77-calories-per-can, alcohol-free beer delivers a tantalizing taste of summer directly into your glass.

Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA

This IPA style brew by Athletic Brewing defies the norm and encapsulates a delightful foaminess, mouthfeel, and exciting bitterness. Its 70 calories deliver an appealing edge over traditional IPAs.

Hella Cocktail Co.’s Bitter’s & Soda

Hella Cocktail Co’s Bitters & Soda is perfect for those drawn to an easy-sipping drink that skews more bitter than sweet. It boasts an aromatic and intriguing blend that includes star anise rose hips, caraway, and allspice. As a sparkling apéritif with complex flavor cues, it retains the adventurous spirit of canned cocktail cool that doesn’t compromise taste.

The Social Elixir by Three Spirit

Create easy cocktails with The Social Elixir! ingeniously blends lion’s mane, cacao, and caraway, creating an enticing concoction specially crafted to enhance your mood. Don’t be fooled by its alcohol-free nature, this elixir still delivers a warm, sociable buzz that will make any get-together a hit.

Gruvi’s Sour Weisse

Clocking in at a mere 35 calories a can, Gruvi’s Sour Weisse is the answer for all you craft beer lovers looking for a non-alcoholic option. Imagine a zesty blend of wheaty goodness and zingy citrus with a tart kick that Arnold Palmer himself would be proud of.

Recess Zero-Proof Mocktail Sampler

Recess is shaking up the non-alcoholic drinks game with their Zero-Proof Mocktails. They’ve turned the taste of your favorite cocktails into refreshing, alcohol-free drinks you can enjoy for any occasion – especially for outdoor hangs.

Their 12-pack sampler is packed with a mix of fantastic flavors like Lime (think Margarita,) Grapefruit (aka Paloma,) Ginger Lime (spirit-free Mule,) and Watermelon (add some mind for a Mojito.) With three cans each, you’ve got plenty to share (or stash for yourself!).

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