Pairing The Major League Baseball Postseason Teams With Beer Styles

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October is the best time of year: the air is crisp, Oktoberfest beers are plentiful and postseason baseball has begun. Major League Baseball (MLB) is big business in October, with most postseason tickets costing fans over $100 each—not to mention concession sales, special postseason-branded souvenirs and more. At the end of the 2022 season, MLB had brought in almost $11 billion in league revenues for the year.

To celebrate this time of year, I’ve paired the Division Series ALDS/NLDS teams with beer styles to help you make good beer choices while you imbibe and watch the excitement either at home, with friends or at your local watering hole.

Atlanta Braves And Imperial Stout

The Atlanta Braves look nearly unstoppable, and imperial stouts are big, powerful beers just like this team. For responsibility’s sake, perhaps only drink just one, as imperial stouts’ alcohol content can range from 8% ABV up to 16% ABV.

Recommended local option: Monday Night Situational Ethics Series

Houston Astros And Double IPA

A fixture in the postseason, the Houston Astros are a juggernaut and frequently beat up on any team that gets in their way. Obviously, a strong, punchy, bitter beer was made for Houston Astros fans.

Recommended local option: Saint Arnold Double Down Double IPA

Los Angeles Dodgers And American Lager

There’s something about the Dodgers that makes them America’s team. They have staying power, have been all-around excellent for years and have a strong fan base (even though they tend to show up to games in the third inning). Pairing them with a very popular beer style like an American lager makes sense.

Recommended local option: Highland Park Baseball Lager

Baltimore Orioles And Pale Ale

Ever have a beer the surprises you and you go, dang, I want to drink this again and again? That’s usually pale ales for me, and since the Orioles are the surprise breakout hit of 2023, it felt like the right beer style for them. I’m rooting for them to go all the way to the World Series this year.

Recommended local option: Union Duckpin Pale Ale

Texas Rangers And Gose

The Texas Rangers have been very up and down this season: it’s been sweet, salty and sour for fans, who are now being rewarded with their team in the ALDS. For that very reason, I’ve chosen the gose, a lightly salty and tart ale spiced with coriander that’s sure to be thirst-quenching.

Recommended local option: Martin House The Salty Lady Gose

Minnesota Twins And Munich Helles

The Twins are finally going to the ALDS thanks to looking flat-out dominant against the Toronto Blue Jays. They made it look so easy, I wanted to choose an easy drinking golden lager that also pays homage to the many German immigrants that settled in Minnesota. Now let’s see if they can keep this cool under pressure persona when they meet the Houston Astros.

Recommended local option: Surly Hell

Philadelphia Phillies And Porter

You never sleep on the Phillies, who have that magic touch in October thanks to oversized personalities and big bats. A beer for them that is also great for autumn is a porter; a dark ale that has had roots for centuries in the City of Brotherly Love. George Washington’s favorite porter brewery was based in Philadelphia.

Recommended local option: Yards Washington’s Porter

Arizona Diamondbacks And Barleywine

To be honest, I didn’t know the Diamondbacks were really good this season, and then bam, like snake’s venom, the team took care of the Brewers in Milwaukee with a deft swiftness that makes me think they have a real shot at the Pennant. The beer equivalent of a snake’s poisonous bite for me is barleywine, an amber to dark brown, high-alcohol ale with flavors of dark fruit and caramel that can sneak up on you quickly.

Recommended local option: Wren House Life English Barleywine or Pie Thief Wheatwine

Enjoy the postseason responsibly this year with a beer or two and play ball!

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