Eataly Brings Italy’s Most Famous Culinary Icon To North America

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Eataly, the global Italian superstore, has chosen pizza to headline its newest Icons of Eataly program, set to launch across all stores in North America from October 13-29, 2023.

The Icons of Eataly program was created to celebrate authentic dishes and ingredients that are integral to Italian cuisine and culture. The inaugural edition of the program in May 2023 focused on another Italian culinary icon: pasta.

It’s not surprising that pizza is the newest superstar.

Pizza is one of the most beloved and popular foods in the world. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (reported by USA Today), roughly 1 in 9 Americans eat pizza on any given day.

Let the pizza fest begin

During the celebration, all North American Eataly locations will showcase six kinds of Neapolitan pizza (Naples is considered the birthplace of Italian pizza) and two styles of Roman pizza.

Customers from New York To Los Angeles to Toronto will be able to immerse themselves in Eataly’s signature “eat, shop, and learn” experiences, which include dining at restaurants, counters, and cafes; taking hands-on classes (with specialized classes for families with kids, too); and being able to source and purchase authentic made-in-Italy ingredients and products at the stores’ extensive marketplaces.

Pizza Napoletana is one of the most famous types of Italian pizza. Protected by a Traditional Special Guaranteed (TSG) certification under European Union law, the pizza must be made with either PDO mozzarella di bufala campana or TSG mozzarella.

During this two-week celebration, pizza lovers visiting the stores will be able to learn about and taste a variety of authentic pizza styles including:

  • Pizza alla pala, Roman-style pizza served on a paddle;
  • Pizza in teglia, cut-to-order pizza (served at the stores’ bakery counters)
  • Margherita “A Ruota di Carro,” a thinner, wider pizza from Naples dating back to the 1500s; Calzone Napoli, a stuffed half-moon pizza shaped like a turnover; and
  • Pizza Napoletana, traditional Neapolitan pizza made in partnership with Rossopomodoro.

Partnering with Eataly since 2010, Rossopomodoro is one of the world’s largest chains of Neapolitan pizzerias, bringing real Neapolitan pizza to 12 countries.

Special events

On certain nights during the celebration, renowned pizza chefs and celebrity guests (including Italian-American entertainment reporter, Giuliana Rancic and Toronto resident and professional Italian soccer player, Lorenzo Insigne) will prepare special pizzas.

Passionate food lovers will want to seize this opportunity to sample authentic Italian tastes close to home, the next best thing to a trip to Italy.

The full calendar of events and ticketing information for each location is available on

Eataly currently has nine locations in North America (NYC Flatiron, NYC Downtown, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and Toronto (Yorkville). Two more locations will open in SoHo New York and Sherway Garden in Toronto by the end of the year.

Eataly recently announced a new CEO of its North American division, Tommaso Bruso, and an “ambitious growth strategy,” which includes opening 20 stores in North America within the next five years.

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