Pasta Around The World: 10 Dishes Beyond Classic Italian Fare

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Pasta is an incredible culinary chameleon, loved and consumed worldwide. Its delicious versatility has inspired unexpected and delightful adaptations that bring comfort, creativity, and local flavors together.

While spaghetti has origins in Italy, you can find this long noodle has inspired dishes, traditions, and even desserts around the world. Here are 9 unique pasta traditions that are a testament to the enduring appeal of this humble dish.

Cincinnati Chili

Straight from Cincinnati, Ohio, this unique pasta tradition features Mediterranean-spiced meat chili served atop thin spaghetti. The dish is customized to a diner’s preference using ‘the system,’ a numeric ordering code that adds cheese, beans, onions, and more.

Dominican Spaghetti on the Beach

As captivating as the locale, Dominican spaghetti is best enjoyed on the beach. This dish combines spaghetti with local spices and selected meats.

Filipino Spaghetti

Filipino Spaghetti is an exciting take on the classic dish that showcases the country’s love for sweet and savory combinations. Adding banana ketchup, ground meat, and chopped hotdogs topped with cheese makes this a popular comfort food in the Philippines.

American Spaghetti Pie

In the US, spaghetti takes on a playful twist with Spaghetti Pie. Combined with eggs, cheese, meat, and sauce, spaghetti transforms into a fun and heartwarming weeknight meal.

Spaghetti Sandwich of Australia

Australia brings you the unconventional Spaghetti Sandwich. This carb-concoction involves spaghetti mingled with a hearty Bolognese sauce sandwiched between two slices of buttered bread. It’s comfort food with an uncanny twist.

Naporitan (Napolitan) in Japan

Naporitan, or Neapolitan, is Japan’s take on spaghetti, featuring a ketchup-based sauce, sautéed onions, bell peppers, sausage, and bacon. Inspired by Western cuisine, this dish exemplifies the Japanese passion for reinventing global dishes with unique Japanese twists.

Tallarines Verdes in Peru

Peru’s beloved Tallarines Verdes translates to “green noodles,” hinting at its key ingredient – a flavorful green sauce made of fresh spinach and basil blended with evaporated milk and white cheese. This dish is a smooth, creamy delight, topped with Parmesan and served with steak or chicken.

Espagueti Verde in Mexico

Mexico delivers a spicy punch with Espagueti Verde. This green spaghetti is made with a rich and creamy sauce that blends the flavors of roasted poblano peppers, cream, and cheese. Often served as a side dish, it’s the perfect companion for any Mexican meal.

Spaghetti Ice Cream in Germany

Germany stuns with their dessert version of spaghetti – Spaghetti Ice Cream. This fun dish features vanilla ice cream extruded through a press to resemble noodles, topped with strawberry “tomato sauce” and shredded white chocolate “parmesan cheese.” It was a delightful surprise to close out a pasta tour.

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