Ariana Madix And Katie Maloney On Making ‘Something About Her’ A Sandwich Empire

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With over 323,000 followers on Instagram and not a sandwich in sight, Something About Her might be the most popular unopened sandwich shop in history.

Of course, its burgeoning fame has everything to do with the women at the helm; Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney. Two extraordinarily savvy women capitalizing on an army of Bravo superfans.

“I think both of us are very well aware that Vanderpump is not something that will last forever,” says Madix. “Both of us have dreams and goals for the rest of our lives. It’s important to work hard and establish those things when you can.”

“I think it’s also important to actually connect to something that we’re doing and not just have it be just another product to hawk and push to people,” adds Maloney. “I think that’s often what a lot of people get caught up in doing.

“The majority of our life experience has been in restaurants with bartending, so kind of leaning into that more and not trying to run away from that—and not having it feel like this is for the show, or this is for story. No, this is something I’m going to be doing long after the show.”

While the pair originally announced their plans to open a sandwich shop in 2022, they’ve faced a number of obstacles and red tape over the last year.

“Every person we’ve talked to that’s done this before has been like ‘just get ready,’ so we knew to expect it,” says Maloney. “I think it’s just learning everything and troubleshooting and pivoting. Not giving up and trusting yourselves and your instincts, but also trusting that the outcome is going to be worth it—that the juice will be worth the squeeze.”

The squeeze, too, is nearing its last drop. With the launch of Something About Her imminent, the pair have teamed up with Lay’s to release an exclusive, sandwich-inspired flavor: Lay’s Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup.

“I love that it tastes like my childhood a little bit,” says Madix. “When you think of a comforting meal, you think of grilled cheese and tomato soup. You think about something your mom used to make for you. It’s just one of those iconic flavors.”

The chips will be available for a limited time, in exclusive Something About Her packaging, and play a pivotal role in a wider Lay’s campaign at BravoCon this weekend.

Throughout BravoCon, Lay’s will be serving up food and cocktails inspired by Something About Her, including:

  • LAY’S® “Born Cool” As a Cucumber Cup, which uses a sturdy Lay’s Wavy chip as the base,
  • LAY’S® OMGrilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, which uses toast made with Lay’s and soup infused with Lay’s Cheddar Sour Cream,
  • LAY’S® Something About Sangria, which is rim dusted with crushed Lay’s,
  • LAY’S® “I Take Sandwiches Very Seriously” PB&J Martini, which is rim dusted with crushed Lay’s,
  • LAY’S ® Spice up the Drama Margarita, which is rim dusted with Lay’s Kettle Cooked Jalapeno,
  • and LAY’S® Chocolate Chip-Duo Cookies, which are dusted and baked with crushed Lay’s.

The latter of which Madix is very excited about. “They’re going to be dusted and baked with crushed Lay’s, but just like Katie and Sabrina and me as a blonde, they’re going to have both milk chocolate and white chocolate!” she says.

Knowing its going to be an important touchstone for those looking for a sneak peak of Something About Her, they’ve also opted to decorate the space in the upcoming shop’s style.

“Our brand, as much as we don’t want to lean into the femininity of it all, it is more about women empowerment. Especially in what has primarily been a male-dominated industry, the sandwich world,” says Maloney.

“I’m not calling out anyone specific, but if you just pay attention to the names, like Uncle Paulie’s…”

Madix interjects: “Or Fat Sal or Jimmy John’s, it’s all very male-dominated”

While neither Madix nor Maloney wants to “alienate” men from the shop itself, they’re both deeply passionate about the idea of romanticizing lunch the way many restaurants have manaed to romanticize brunch.

“I think we’re both hoping that Something About Her can be a smashing success, and to be able to open other locations, and to just be able to kind of grow that brand and that business as much as we can,” says Madix.

“Sandwich empire!” Maloney adds, excited—and it’s with that passion, and major pre-launch collaboration, I’m assured this pair are already closer than they think.

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