7 Essential Kitchen Gear Upgrades To Amplify Your Holiday Cooking

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As we’re in the throes of the holiday season, now is the perfect time to refresh your kitchen gear or find the perfect gift for the chef in your life. Whether for seasoned cooks or culinary novices, these must-have kitchen additions make for thoughtful and practical gifts.

These selections infuse excitement and joy into any kitchen space, stimulate culinary curiosity, and enhance efficiency, all while providing straightforward, functional solutions to your cooking needs.

HORL®2 Knife Sharpener

Just in time for the holiday season, the HORL®2 offers a refreshing departure from traditional whetstones. This unique two-piece knife sharpening system ensures all your knives stay perfectly sharp, empowering experienced users and those less confident with whetstones to achieve consistent, professional-quality results. Crafted in Germany’s scenic Black Forest, its distinctive design uses a magnet to hold knives in place and a roller with a diamond surface to hone the blade.

Cooks Who Feed Apron by Amanda Freitag

Make a difference in your home kitchen and beyond with the Cooks Who Feed Apron by chef Amanda Freitag. More than just a garment, this apron is designed for efficiency, allowing you to weave through service or dinner time with ease.

The significance of this apron goes beyond its functionality – it’s a symbol of solidarity and care. Each purchase from this line makes a $10 contribution to God’s Love We Deliver. This non-profit organization is committed to providing medically tailored meals to New Yorkers with serious illnesses. Wear your apron with pride, knowing it stands for culinary excellence and compassionate community support.

Sous Vide Station from Typhur

Geared towards the serious cook, the Sous Vide Station from Typhur emerges as a must-have in any modern kitchen. This integrated “plug and play” device comes ready to go right out of the box, eliminating the need for additional accessories. With the Sous Vide Station, you can access precise and immersive cooking effortlessly, taking your culinary creations to the next level.

Mateo Zielonka’s Artisanal Pasta Tool Collection by Nonna’s Wood Shop

If you consider making pasta an art, you’ll love Mateo Zielonka’s Artisanal Pasta Tool Collection by Nonna’s Wood Shop. This beautiful collection is curated by Mateo Zielonka, chef, and author of The Pasta Man: The Art of Making Spectacular Pasta and Pasta Masterclass: Recipes for Spectacular Pasta Doughs, Shapes, Fillings and Sauces, from The Pasta Man. The handmade pasta tools, such as the Brass & Stainless Pasta Cutter, are perfect for anyone serious about making homemade pasta; this kit is a testament to the culinary craft.

¡Soy Peachy! Workwear by Tilit and Chef Paola Velez

Redefine your fit in the kitchen with the ¡Soy Peachy! Collection, a collaboration between workwear brand Tilit and Chef Paola Velez. Infinitely wearable and specially designed with chefs of inclusive sizing in mind, this collection ranges from XS to 4XL. ¡Soy Peachy! perfectly balances style with comfort, offering a top and bottom set in two bold colors – navy and peach – alongside matching aprons.

Zestful Kitchen Steak Knife Bundle by Opinel

Kitchen Steak Knife Bundle by Opinel. Handpicked by Zestful Kitchen founder and food scientist Lauren Grant, these steak knives check all the boxes for the perfect cutlery addition. Grant praises these knives as the ideal combination of quality, sharpness, and sleek design, ensuring they have what it takes to slice through even the toughest cuts of meat.

FoodSaver Elite All-in-One Liquid+ Vacuum Sealer

Forget the hassle of storing and sealing liquids with pints and quart containers. Take a leap into efficiency with FoodSaver’s Elite All-in-One Liquid+™ Vacuum Sealer. Its design makes sealing soups, sauces, and salsas effortless, helping you keep your food fresher for longer. This innovative vacuum sealer is an excellent addition to your kitchen, ensuring your favorite meals are never wasted.

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