Seth Rogen On Waking, Baking And The Brand Collaborations In Between

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In the five years since Seth Rogen launched his “controversial” cannabis company, Houseplant, the actor-turned-entrepreneur has turned his company into a thriving lifestyle brand.

Unexpected, some might assume, considering the business launched with a dedication to dope-friendly home goods (ashtrays, table lighters, et al) and a curated selection of cannabis strains.

While his star power propelled the brand forward, Houseplant’s real success has come down to its products. Rogen and his co-founders (screenwriter Evan Goldberg and and businessman Michael Mohr) looked at hundreds of cannabis strains before choosing three— Diablo Wind, Pink Moon and Pancake Ice (referencing strains featured in his 2008 film Pineapple Express)—and their fans have not only been loyal consumers, but given the brand scope to appeal to smokers and non-smokers alike.

“It’s so nice to be recognized and hear from people about how much people love what we’re doing and the products we’re making,” says Rogen. “We’re always looking for ways to expand into new areas of the home and of people’s daily lives, and we often start by looking at ourselves and our own lives.”

This month, the brand has expanded into the F&D industry with Houseplant Coffee; a partnership between Houseplant and Cometeer–the maker of the world’s first and only frozen coffee capsule.

“From where we sit, coffee and cannabis are the perfect pair,” says Goldberg. “Our first smoke of the day gets our creativity flowing and brings a sense of calm, while our morning coffee gives us energy and focus.”

The co-created collection of roasts were inspired by a mutual love of coffee and its revered place as yet another daily ritual. ‘Bean There Done That’ is an Ethiopian medium roast, with notes of peach, sweet tea, and orange, and ‘Get Roasted’ is a Mexican dark roast, with notes of dark chocolate, cashew, and baking spice. Both are enjoyed by simply melting the capsule into hot or cold water, meaning barista-worthy coffee can be whipped up in seconds.

“My daily ritual starts very simply with both cannabis and coffee. Much like weed, coffee is something that people drink on their own, but also socially with friends and work people,” says Rogen.

“Again, like weed, it is an ingredient to create and enhance a situation or an experience. When we found Cometeer, it didn’t take long to recognize that they were the right partner for us to launch Houseplant Coffee. Their team is so passionate about coffee and their product is super innovative. They are equally obsessed with creating highly curated and top-quality products.”

Houseplant’s co-founders are also extremely picky when it comes to brand collaborations. “One important lesson specific to collaborations, is to say no to them often,” says Mohr. “Quality and execution is of the utmost importance to success, and so waiting for the right partners and projects is essential to deliver against our high expectations.”

To Mohr, both Rogen and Seth and Goldberg exemplify the idea. “They have played an integral role in shaping contemporary cannabis culture,” he adds. “With their track record of success in film, television, philanthropy, and business they serve as an indisputable example of how people can have a productive and healthy relationship with cannabis.”

Broadly, the cannabis consumer represents both an enormous existing and growing audience that has been long-ignored.

Coffee may not have been Houseplant’s core competency, in-house, but it’s the kind of habit that was worth investing in. A pitstop between the wake and bake. A brand extension, where this lifestyle brand is concerned, that makes more sense than any.

““Weed is here to stay,” says Rogen. “It’s about time that people embrace the reality that humans can have a healthy and productive relationship with weed, and my hope is that Houseplant continues to grow into all aspects of people’s homes—and really all the best parts of their lives.”

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