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Is there anything more frustrating than lost luggage? Over 76,000 bags are mishandled by airlines every day. That’s over 28 million bags per year, 5% of which are never found. The cost to airlines and travelers is hundreds of millions of dollars every year. To bring a new level of security to the travel industry, Package, Inc. has announced LuggageCam, a cutting-edge luggage tracking and security system to solve this major pain point for airlines and travelers. This isn’t just a simple location tag for personal items—Package, Inc has a vision for a whole new system of security.

Woman with a SmartClip on her luggage – courtesy of The Launchpad Agency/Package Inc

Package, Inc. recently announced a new product ecosystem that is solving a problem that many travelers face on a regular basis – lost and stolen luggage. While existing products are limited to basic consumer location trackers with little or no real-time security, Package, Inc. is building a comprehensive enterprise and consumer product portfolio with LuggageCam, a cutting-edge luggage tracking and security system that offers a real-time baggage tracking, video monitoring and end-to-end insurance solution for both airlines and passengers.

The LuggageCam enterprise cloud platform enables airlines and airports to track, monitor and secure luggage for entire flights, fleets and large groups while the LuggageCam consumer app enables individual travelers and families to track, monitor and secure their bags and belongings in real-time at all times throughout their travels.

By combining luggage logistics, tracking, networking and security, LuggageCam delivers an industry-defining wireless tracking and audio-video security system that securely locks onto a luggage handle, turning any travel bag into a smart bag.

Unlike other luggage tracking devices, LuggageCam offers more than a dot on a map. LuggageCam provides real-time video streaming, motion, shock and tamper monitoring, continuous location tracking, mobile alerts and alarm as well as on-luggage and mobile flight and travel itinerary updates such as flight status, gate changes, baggage handling instructions and more, empowering airlines and passengers to stay connected and informed at all times.

“Package, Inc. is committed to building a future where life is made better through an innovative suite of products that will revolutionize the shipping, transportation and travel industries,” said Bryan Davis, CEO of Package, Inc. “By embracing the power of connectivity and end-to-end security, we are paving the way for a future where technology seamlessly integrates with our lifestyles, making every aspect of our lives smarter, simpler, safer and more secure.”

Package, Inc.’s LuggageCam product line-up includes:

  • SmartClip™ – a smart luggage tracking and audio-video security system, that securely locks onto any luggage handle with surround view cameras for real-time video streaming, motion, shock and tamper monitoring mobile alerts and alarm all accessible through a user-friendly mobile interface.
  • SmartTag™ – A smart luggage tag that displays real-time flight and travel itinerary with flight status updates, gate changes, baggage handling instructions, owner identification and security alerts, ensuring luggage arrives at the correct destination and in the right hands.
  • SmartLock™ – A smart luggage zipper lock that combines a combination lock, TSA key, biometric lock and fingerprint reader with mobile alerts whenever an authorized airline or security agent or an unauthorized person unlocks, opens or tampers with the luggage and connects with a SmartClip to provide a complete luggage security system.
  • LuggageInsure™ – A luggage insurance service that offers per-flight, round-trip and full trip coverage plans for your bags and belongings with end-to-end security monitoring and automated claims processing for complete peace-of-mind throughout your travels.
  • InvestCard™ – An exclusive credit card and groundbreaking investment platform that offers Members exclusive products, services, cash back rewards and investment terms in the Package, Inc. portfolio of products and companies.
Woman walking through airport with SmartTag – courtesy of The Launchpad Agency/Package Inc

Package, Inc. also offers a product leasing and revenue sharing program for airlines to streamline operations, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction. The LuggageCam partner leasing program enables passengers to lease LuggageCam directly from their airline on a per-flight or round-trip basis representing hundreds of millions of dollars in projected new annual revenue for airlines. The trust and reassurance provided by LuggageCam gives passengers peace of mind, empowers airlines to prevent mishandled luggage and encourages repeat business and customer loyalty.

Not everything can fit into carry-on, and there’s nothing like getting more peace of mind when flying with anything of value (material, sentimental, or otherwise). Hopefully, as companies like Package, Inc manage to reimagine and create new travel security technologies, this will be one less thing to stress about on your next big vacation.

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