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We now know, down to the second, when, where, and for how long a total solar eclipse will occur hundreds of years into the future. How ancient people—including those who saw the first recorded such event on November 30, 3340 BC, in Ireland—would have reacted is unknown, but it’s likely that they behaved like many eclipse chasers still do today and had a stiff drink.

Solar Salute

“Wine may have been used as much to numb the populace from fear that the world was about to end, as it was to appease the unhappy heavenly powers,” said Joseph Daniel, an eclipse chaser and winemaker at Tiny Vineyards Wine Company in Sonoma, California, who has produced a commemorative $40 “Eclipse Malbec” for April’s 8 return to North America of the moon’s central shadow. “But that doesn’t mean a little salute to those solar deities of mythology isn’t a wise move.”

Daniel—a veteran of five total solar eclipses—isn’t the only one trying to tap into the market for commemorative bottles of wine, either to drink while watching the eclipse or to buy as a keepsake.

Eclipse Keepsakes

There are hundreds of vineyards in Texas, New York, Ontario, and Canada holding events, many of which will have eclipse-themed bottles of wine. Pillar Bluff Vineyards in Lampasas, Texas, is staging an event for $500 that gets you a bottle of “Cabernet Sauvignon Total Eclipse” wine, a BBQ dinner and space for your RV. William Chris Vineyards is planning a similar event for $375 in Hye, Texas, involving country music and “Eclipse” wine.

About 1,500 miles north, Heron Hill Winery on Keuka Lake, New York—just outside the southern limit of the path of totality—is selling “Eclipse Red,” “Eclipse White,” and “Eclipse Rosé” for $18.50 each. In northeast Ohio, Ferrante Winery is on the path of totality and selling its “Eclipse” table wine for $20.24. It’s one of a dozen vineyards in the region including on a special “Total Eclipse Wine Trail” for $70 on April 5-7. Along the way, eclipse-wine-chasers will find “Corona Chicken Sliders,” “Moonshine-Roasted Mushrooms,” and “Total Eclipse of the Cheesecake Tart.”

‘Black Wine’ Inspired By An Eclipse

Specially-made wines and spirits are in vogue at total solar eclipses worldwide, with recent years seeing eclipse-themed Pisco in Chile and Malbec in Argentina. It was the latter that inspired Daniel, who plans to be in Texas this April. “I made a wine for this upcoming eclipse because I saw how enthusiastic people were for wines made for the ‘Great American Eclipse’ in 2017, particularly in Oregon, and the 2019 eclipse in Argentina and Chile,” he said.

Daniel witnessed 2019’s total solar eclipse close to Mendoza, the epicenter of Malbec, where he spent time visiting several of the top wineries. His own version of the “black wine” is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels. What catches the eye immediately is the label—a beautiful composite image of an actual total solar eclipse, as shot by Daniel from Bella Vista, Argentina. “It was a crazy scene with loud tango music and venders selling asado—Argentine barbecue—and cups of wine,” he said.

Having a bottle of wine to commemorate a solar eclipse will, to many prospective observers, seem crazy. Isn’t that something you do at your own wedding? What’s to commemorate? The 42 million-plus who live within—or travel to—the 115 miles wide path of totality on April 8 will find out when they experience a moment they will want to remember for the rest of their life.

Clear skies allowing, of course.

For the latest on the total solar eclipse—including travel and lodging options—check my page for new articles daily.

Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes.

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