5 Wine Apps To Note For Tracking Your Favorite Bottles

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In today’s digital age, wine enthusiasts have a plethora of tools at their disposal to enhance their oenophilic experiences.

From discovering new varietals to managing personal collections, wine apps offer a convenient way to delve deeper into the bottles our love – and may love a little less.

Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or an aspiring aficionado, these five wine apps are essential for tracking your favorites (especially after you’ve had one or two too many).

1. Vivino

Vivino allows users to scan wine labels using their smartphone camera to instantly access information such as ratings, reviews, and average prices. Still, it’s probably best used as a wine diary; users can keep a digital journal of wines they’ve tasted, complete with personal ratings and tasting notes. The app also offers personalized wine recommendations based on users’ preferences and past purchases, as well as a fully-fledged marketplace to help you purchase wines directly from retailers.

  • Is Vivino free? Yes.
  • Where is Vivino available for download? iOS and Android.
  • Who would enjoy Vivino? Vivino is perfect for wine enthusiasts of all levels who want to discover new wines, track their tasting experiences, and make informed purchasing decisions.

2. CellarTracker

CellarTracker allows users to catalog their wine collections by simply scanning the bottle’s barcode or manually entering details. It’s a tad more “serious” than the others, allowing its users to track every detail of their wine inventory, including purchase dates, cellar locations, and drinking windows. Its vast database of user-generated tasting notes and reviews for reference is helpful, too, using advanced search and filtering options to help you find specific wines within your collection or the broader database.

  • Is CellarTracker free? Basic features of CellarTracker are free to use, but there are premium subscription options for additional functionality like automated valuation.
  • Where is CellarTracker available for download? iOS and Android.
  • Who would enjoy CellarTracker? CellarTracker caters to serious wine collectors and connoisseurs who want a comprehensive tool for managing large wine inventories and accessing extensive tasting notes.

3. Delectable

Delectable allows users to scan wine labels or search by name to access expert reviews, ratings, and community recommendations, but its really all about the experts here; you can follow sommeliers, winemakers, and other wine enthusiasts to discover new wines and stay updated on their latest recommendations with real ease. In fact, it’s a tad more “social network”-y than the rest, which many of its users love, and its marketplace is great for purchasing wines directly from producers and retailers.

  • Is Delectable free? Yes, Delectable is free to download and use, with optional in-app purchases for premium features.
  • Where is Delectable available for download? iOS.
  • Who would enjoy Delectable? Delectable is ideal for wine lovers who enjoy exploring new wines, sharing their experiences with a community, and connecting with industry professionals.

4. Wine-Searcher

Wine-Searcher offers a comprehensive database of over 11 million wines, allowing users to search for specific bottles, compare prices, and find local retailers. Like many of the others, scanning wine labels is made easy via the app, and gives users easy access to critic scores, tasting notes, and availability. Bonus points for providing price alerts which notify you when your favorite wines are on sale or available at a preferred price point.

  • Is Wine-Searcher free? Wine-Searcher offers both free and paid versions, with the free version providing basic search functionality and the paid version unlocking additional features, including cellar valuations and second currency searches.
  • Where is Wine-Searcher available for download? iOS and Android.
  • Who would enjoy Wine-Searcher? Wine-Searcher appeals to wine enthusiasts who value access to a vast wine database, price transparency, and educational resources to enhance their wine knowledge.

5. Hello Vino

As ‘Your Virtual Wine Assitant’ Hello Vino offers personalized wine recommendations based not only on your preferences, but on selecting bottles for specific meals and/or special occasions. Users can browse curated lists and articles to discover new wines and learn more about different varietals, and its label scanner including food pairing suggestions, too. They’ve also recently introduced the Hello Vino Wine Club, where you can have personalized wine shipments delivered every month.

  • Is Hello Vino free? Yes, bar additional costs to join the Wine Club.
  • Where is Hello Vino available for download? iOS and Android.
  • Who would enjoy Hello Vino? Hello Vino is perfect for wine enthusiasts who want tailored wine recommendations for specific occasions or meals, as well as those who appreciate access to curated content and wine deals.

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