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Bachelorette trips are for spending meaningful — and often debaucherous — time with your friends before tying the knot. Which cities are best for celebrating the bride-to-be ahead of the big day? Lawn Love surveyed over 560 U.S. adults about their bachelor(ette) party experience — with fun stats about trip attendance, budget, destination, and, of course, naughty activities. The ranking compares the 200 biggest U.S. cities. LawnLove looked for plenty of attractions, restaurants, nightlife options, and spas; they also considered safety, cost, and transportation options, among 21 total metrics. Plan an unforgettable prenuptial party alongside your besties in one of the top cities below.

Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas – courtesy of Jax Matson aerial photography

It’s hard to have a bad bachelorette bash no matter where you go, even in some of the list’s low-ranking cities. For instance, Charleston, South Carolina (No. 125), lacks options compared with larger cities but is still a favored getaway.

Visiting places like Waco, Texas (No. 193), Huntsville, Alabama (No. 194), and Thornton, Colorado (No. 197), might not lead to wild nights. However, some brides-to-be may prefer a laid-back celebration amid stressful wedding planning. Waco might be a fixer-upper city, but this growing Texas town provides a little luxury in places like Magnolia Market and Spice Village. Huntsville also has several wineries, the Huntsville Botanical Garden, and museums. Have fun shopping in Thornton’s Denver Premium Outlets or go on an outdoor adventure.

Nashville’s candy hearts mural – courtesy of

Some cities like New Orleans (No. 26) and Nashville, Tennessee (No. 39) famously host many raucous bachelorette parties. New Orleans offers plenty of gay bars and strip clubs, and is the second-best city for brunch. Sing your heart out in one of Nashville’s many karaoke bars, or rent out a bike bar to pedal down the Honky Tonk Highway. Also in Nashville, pair a mural tour with mimosas or margaritas, or take a private mixology class together. Learn how to line-dance, then take on the town with a private party pulled by the Nashville Tractor.

Other trendy cities like Savannah, Georgia (No. 41), and Scottsdale, Arizona (No. 48), are safe spots that are full of glamour, bars, karaoke, and brunch spots.

Why didn’t such popular bachelorette destinations land at the very top of our ranking? Smaller cities tend to offer fewer options than big metros. Additionally, with a low walk score, it can be hard to stumble back to your hotel after a late night in Nashville or Scottsdale. NOLA and Nashville also dropped in the ranks due to low safety.

Hot air balloon over Phoenix, Arizona – courtesy of

Phoenix, Arizona (No. 18) and San Diego, California (No. 15) are both perfect, warm-weather getaways for the bride-to-be who wants to relax with a spa or an outdoors activity. Phoenix has great options for a spa day, or visitors can take in sky-high views of the city on a hot-air balloon. The city is also full of great hiking spots for nature-loving brides.

In San Diego, California, bachelorettes can enjoy a delicious brunch and relax with yoga on the beach or a massage at Spa Kingston. Explore the city on a Social Cycle bike bar or soak up the sun at one of 31 beaches in San Diego County.

Waterfront dining in San Francisco – courtesy of

If the bride is a foodie or wine connoisseur, bring the party to a West Coast city like San Francisco (No. 3), Portland, Oregon (No. 7), or Seattle (No. 9).

San Francisco comes out on top for Eating and Drinking, with the most bars and liquor stores per square mile. SF impresses with the second-highest number of restaurants per square mile and has great access to beer, too. The Golden City is known for its tasty treats, from pastries to sandwiches to chocolate and beyond.

Coffee isn’t the only delicious drink you’ll find in Seattle. Emerald City follows SF with the second-highest number of bars per square mile and places third in number of wineries. Keep it weird (and wild) in Portland, which also boasts plenty of bars and the second-highest number of wineries.

All three cities are great for brunch, too.

Yacht in Biscayne Bay – courtesy of

Have a magical bachelorette trip to the top-ranked city: Miami, Florida. Magic City is ideal for a lively and glamorous getaway, with plenty of nightlife options, bars, and liquor stores per square mile (proximity matters if you plan to barhop). Good thing it’s also safe and easy to get around the city by foot or car. If drinking and dancing aren’t on your agenda, Miami is also full of art to admire, beauty clinics and spas to relax and reset, and the most restaurants per square mile. Magic City is great if you enjoy ​​clubbing and sunny days on your own private yacht party. At Basement Miami, you can drink and dance, skate, or battle your pals at the bowling alley.

Nearby, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (No. 13), stands as its own luxurious destination. The “Venice of America” follows just behind Miami in nightlife options (No. 4) and also boasts great choices for brunch, bars, and restaurants.

— For the full rankings, head to Lawn Love.

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